Season planning for musicians

Start the new season/school year intentionally and energized!

September is the new January!

The sun still shines for seven days, but the beginning of the year is getting closer, as a musician, the opening of the musical season, along with the projects and the chaos that comes with them. Before the squirrel wheel grinds us down again, it’s worth stopping for a while, looking at the past twelve months and taking stock of the plans for the next one. Even when there is a lot of change and uncertainty around us and in us.

We want to help you with this with our ‘Season planning for musicians’ program. In it, we combined countless productivity and planning methods and practices, specifically taking into account the specifics of the musical career. We invite you to a creative, effective, self-awareness-building joint journey, during which we weave plans and work out steps in your musical career according to your needs, but we also place emphasis on balancing areas beyond music as well.

What will happen?

  • a workbook will be sent in advance (you will receive it immediately after your application);
  • a one-hour personalized conversation on the issues of your choice;
  • reviewing and evaluating the past 12 months;
  • determining the most important objectives of the 2023/24 academic year/season;
  • organizing and scheduling the necessary steps leading to your goals;
  • finding the right time management techniques for you;
  • many, many additional tasks during the conversation;
  • in February, a short follow-up conversation to review your progress.

About the trainer

Eszter Bodnár is the director of the Sonus Foundation, cultural and artistic manager, trainer and coach, and the creator of the FOCUS on You program. She mainly works on contemporary music projects in Europe and North America. Her mission is to give young musicians, who are burning with the desire to show their music to the world, skills and knowledge to help them find their path confidently in the classical music business. In this, she uses her experience as a university lecturer, mentor, and project manager.


We offer this program again in September 2024. We have a similar program in January 2024 (Yearly planning for musicians). If you are interested in any of these programs, fill in this form and we will be in contact.


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