FOCUS on Your Dream Project / Next Career Move 

(About our new mentoring programs)

Are you not sure whether our mentoring programs are a right fit for you?

In August 2023, we launched our new mentoring programs. During the fall of 2023, we present two distinct 8-week immersive mentoring programs centred around two subjects. “FOCUS on Your Next Career Step” caters to aspiring young musicians aiming to attain a lucid perception of their prospective paths within the realm of classical music. The program assists in defining precise objectives and charting a course to accomplish them. Meanwhile, “FOCUS on Your Dream Project” takes participants on an expedition from the inception of their project concepts to their ultimate materialization. Both programs are conducted in small group settings, emphasizing individualization and a strong orientation towards actionable steps.

If you are considering the registration but would like to make sure that this is a program that will really help or if you would like to meet the people behind the program, join us for a brief Zoom session where we present the details and answer all of your questions.