FOCUS on Storytelling (workshop)

What is this workshop about?

How can a personal story, an example from everyday life support a presentation? Why and how do we connect with our audience during a speech?

If you’ve ever tried to address your audience before or during a concert, give an interview or talk about yourself and your work, you know it’s not always easy.

The participants of the workshop will learn how they can support the delivery of their message so that the audience can easily understand and remember them. The methodology of conscious story creation will be on the table and participants will learn how to make their stories relevant and current for others through Marshall Ganz’s public narrative model.

We recommend you this workshop if

  • you are studying to be a musician, you work as a classical music performer or composer;
  • you want to express yourself in words so well as with your music;
  • you want to connect more with your audience;
  • if it is important for you that your message reaches the audience.

About the trainer

Kata Stumpf is a television editor, reporter, and the founder and leader of the Konnekt Association. During her work at M2 Petőfi TV, she fell in love with the process of visual content production. Her work in an NGO dealing with young people taught her that quality in this field is more important than ever.

With her own story and message, she was able to stand on the TEDx stage twice, experiencing the special process of how a personal thought is transformed into a transferable message.


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