FOCUS on Performance Dramaturgy (workshop)

What is this workshop about?

Gone are the days when crafting a concert program was a straightforward task. In our globalized musical landscape, the art of assembling an engaging program demands new skills, akin to the creative process of composition itself. The rich tapestry of new and historic works, intertwined with influences from various genres and disciplines, presents unique challenges and opens up a world of unparalleled possibilities.

This workshop invites musicians and arts professionals involved in planning, programming, and designing music performances, as well as anyone captivated by the art and science of performance dramaturgy.

Dive into case studies, learn through practical examples, and engage in hands-on exercises aimed at mastering the assembly of compelling concert programs. We’ll explore how to weave narrative concepts with interdisciplinary elements, spectacle, and rituality, all while considering budgetary and aesthetic imperatives. Discover strategies for navigating music from diverse eras, canons, and cultural backgrounds.

By the end, you’ll walk away with a collection of sample programs and a comprehensive toolkit, ready to enhance your own dramaturgy concepts with newfound insights and techniques.

 Join us to transform your approach to concert programming and embrace the complex beauty of performance dramaturgy.

We recommend you this workshop if

  • you study music, work as a classical music performer or composer;
  • you want to show your music to the world, but planning a concert program, season program or festival program seems to be overly difficult;
  • you want to learn about the latest global trends in classical music programming;
  • finding a balance between your musical integrity and interest, the demands of the concert organizers and the audience complicate your life;
  • you feel the need of improving your programming practice and profit from an external perspective.

About the trainer

Ajtony Csaba is one of the most promising conductor, composer and researcher of his generation, hailed for “sensitivity, providing the listener with a series of exciting discoveries”, “terrific performances” and “deftly sustained momentum”.  Currently serving as the music director of the MIKAMO Central European Chamber Orchestra in Vienna, and conductor of the UVic Symphony Orchestra (Victoria, Canada), he is at home in the orchestral life of two continents.  He has worked with leading orchestras around the world, such as the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra (hr-sinfonieorchester), the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Vienna, the Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra, among others. He was resident composer and conductor at the Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden (EZKH) and assistant conductor to the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra. From 2008 to 2010, he directed the Hermes and Recycled touring concert projects with MIKAMO in prominent concert halls throughout Central Europe, including the Konzerthaus and Radiokulturhaus in Vienna, and the music academies of Budapest, Bucharest and Cracow. His recordings have been used for broadcasts around the world, and appeared with the labels Extraplatte, Centredisc, musique de notre temps and Hunnia. Having graduated with distinction from the conducting program of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and further studied with Peter Eötvös and Lucas Vis, he has been a frequent guest at the Darmstadt New Music Festival, SiMN (Curitiba, Brazil), Wien Modern and the Transparent Sound Festival in Budapest. He plays a vital part in the global contemporary music community with his imaginative curating in such positions as co-director of the SALT New Music Festival in Victoria (Canada) and artistic director of the NewSpiritMusic concert series in Budapest. Music written by Ajtony Csaba won prizes in Hungary, Austria, Canada and Germany. His music theatre gentle birth and his solo, ensemble, orchestra, choral and chamber music have been regularly performed in concert houses and at festivals around the world. Passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to others, he is conducting professor at the University of Victoria (Canada) and regularly conducts masterclasses at renowned institutions in Europe and North America.


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