FOCUS on Networking (workshop)

What is this workshop about?

Classical music is not a lonely genre – even if you are preparing for a solo career. Countless interactions take place every day, not only with the audience but also with the professional community. You are constantly communicating and hopefully working together with other musicians, representatives of other art forms, composers, performers, concert organizers, background professionals, mentors, teachers, managers, supporters, festival organizers – and the list goes on.

In this workshop, we will go over where and how you can find the people you can connect with in your professional life as a musician. Once you have found them, how to effectively communicate with them personally and in writing (online and offline) and what to set down when establishing a collaboration.

We talk about all of this not only in theory but in accordance with your specific goals, through lots of tasks and exercises, so that you take with you immediately usable knowledge and skills.

We recommend you this workshop if

  • you study music, work as a classical music performer or composer;
  • you want to show your music to the world, but you are unsure how to find the right partners;
  • if even hearing the word networking gives you chills, because you find it complicated and time-consuming;
  • you tried to connect with other professionals, but something didn’t feel right;
  • you want to make sure that a collaboration is efficient and problem-free.

About the trainer

Eszter Bodnár is the director of the Sonus Foundation, cultural and artistic manager, trainer and coach, and the creator of the FOCUS on You program. She mainly works on contemporary music projects in Europe and North America. Her mission is to give young musicians, who are burning with the desire to show their music to the world, skills and knowledge to help them find their path confidently in the classical music business. In this, she uses her experience as a university lecturer, mentor, and project manager.



11. 11. 2023
7:00-9:30 (PT) / 10:00-12:30 (ET) / 16:00-18:30 (CET)


online (Zoom)

Registration fee

40 EUR


Registration deadline

07. 11. 2023

Frequently asked questions

Is there an age limit for the application?

The workshops are better tailored for young musicians, but everyone is welcome if they think it fits their interests and career stage.

How long is a workshop?

The workshops are usually 120-150 minutes long.

Where will the workshop happen?

The workshops are happening online. After the arrival of the registration fee, we send out the Zoom link. 

How can I access to the workshop?

The link to access the workshops will be sent to all participants after payment of the registration fee, before the workshops.

Where can I register for the workshops?

You can register for the workshop on the page of the chosen workshop, in the Registration section.

Can I register only for one workshop?

You can register for one event or all the workshops of the semester together. When registering, you must choose which workshop you wish to participate in.

How do I know that my registration was successful?

After registration, we will confirm the registration in a confirmation e-mail.

Can I get a discount from the registration fee?

Thanks to our supporters, we can offer scholarships to a limited extent. If you want to take advantage of this, after finishing your registration, write a short explanation to the email address, and we will get back to you.

What happens if I signed up for a workshop, but I still can't go?

If you cancel your registration 10 days before the workshop, the registration fee will be refunded. In other cases, the registration fee will not be refunded, and unfortunately it is not possible to watch the workshop from the recording either.

Is the registration transferable?

Registration for the workshop is non-transferable after payment of the registration fee. In exceptional cases, the registration can be modified after individual consultation.


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