FOCUS on Fundraising (workshop)

What is this workshop about?

An outstanding idea, a great team, a supportive venue – everything is there to make your project a success… the only thing missing is the money. However, without that, they rarely heat the room, tune the piano, borrow the sheet music… In the FOCUS on You program, we stand on the ground of reality, so we consider it important to talk about these issues as well.

In this practical workshop, we will put the concepts in order: we will see the difference between scholarships, grants, crowdfunding, patronage and sponsorship, and seek which one can bring you closer to achieving your goals.

We take a close look at where you can find national and international opportunities, how you should formulate your project plan, what to pay attention to when establishing collaborations, and what should be included in that particular letter or application form. We also try out what makes a proposal convincing, what details you need to pay attention to, and we even learn to plan the budget.

Our aim is that after the workshop, you will confidently start creating resources and regard it not as a scary obstacle but as a tool that contributes to the realization of your musical projects.

We recommend you this workshop if

  • you study music, work as a classical music performer or composer;
  • you want to show your music to the world, but you are not sure how to get the necessary resources;
  • you didn’t dare to start writing a grant application until now, because it seemed complicated and time-consuming;
  • you’ve already written applications, sent pitches, but something wasn’t quite right;
  • you have a great project idea and would like to know the possible channels for its implementation.

About the trainer

Eszter Bodnár is the director of the Sonus Foundation, cultural and artistic manager, trainer and coach, and the creator of the FOCUS on You program. She mainly works on contemporary music projects in Europe and North America. Her mission is to give young musicians, who are burning with the desire to show their music to the world, skills and knowledge to help them find their path confidently in the classical music business. In this, she uses her experience as a university lecturer, mentor, and project manager.


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