FOCUS on You challenge 2023 – 10 days for your career in classical music


Are you a young musician brimming with passion, ready to unveil your musical masterpiece to the world? Look no further – our transformative 10-Day Challenge is here to ignite your creative fire and guide you through the exhilarating jungle of the classical music business! Day 0 starts on 20 August!

Embrace Your Artistry, Embody Your Dreams

Welcome to a unique adventure designed for instrumentalists, singers, and composers from every corner of the globe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a prodigy or a late bloomer – our challenge is your compass to rediscover who you are, chart your musical trajectory, and carve your path toward success.

Journey Through the Classical Music Business Jungle

For 10 awe-inspiring days, we embark on an expedition through the captivating landscape of the classical music industry. Each day, you’ll receive an enlightening video brimming with insights and ideas, unravelling a new theme that shapes your artistic voyage. Uncover the secrets of branding, audience engagement, networking, and more – all tailored to the realm of classical music.

Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

Prepare to be captivated! Our bite-sized videos, available freely in our Facebook group, are crafted to spark your creativity and expand your musical horizons. Delve into the art of self-expression, discover the power of online presence, and learn how to navigate the labyrinthine world of contracts and opportunities.

Elevate Your Career with Daily Exercises

Knowledge alone isn’t enough – action is the catalyst for transformation. Every day, we serve up a delectable dish of exercises curated to propel you forward. Spend just 15 minutes a day, or dive deeper – the choice is yours. Engage in thought-provoking exercises that challenge your perspectives, amplify your skills, and fuel your progress.

Boundless Participation, Ageless Passion

Music knows no bounds, and neither does our challenge. Open to participants of all ages, from every corner of the globe, instrumentalists, singers, composers – all are welcome! Connect with a global community that shares your passion for classical music.

Set Your Musical Odyssey in Motion

Ready to make your mark on the world? Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to rekindle your musical identity and unveil your artistry with confidence. Join our 10-Day Challenge today and let the journey to musical greatness begin!

Join our challenge now in our Facebook group and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Your music is your treasure – let’s shape it together.

Ready to join the challenge?


The 2023 challenge ended on 30 August 2023 but if you are interested in the material, just send an email to The next challenge will start in August 2024. Join our Facebook group so you will learn about it first.


If you are interested in our programs, sign up using the form below, and we will always notify you when we announce exciting opportunities for you! You can unsubscribe at any time later, of course.

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