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 International mentoring programs

We have been mentoring several young musicians in the last few years in Hungary. Above is our last cohort from the year 2022/23: Dániel Láposi (percussionist), Bálint Kovács (Blockflöte performer), István Kókai (bassoonist), and Virág Anna Virág (composer). We are proud how much impact the FOCUS on You mentorprogram had on their career.

Read about the experience of the graduates from the last cohort here and here. Currently, we are working with a group until end of March.
Application for the next round (starting in May 2024) will be opened in March. Stay tuned!

What are the mentoring programs about? 

Part of the FOCUS on You program is the mentoring program for young performers and composers working in classical music. It provides opportunities and professional support to realize their ideas and career goals.

We created two distinct 8-week immersive mentoring programs centred around two subjects. “FOCUS on Your Next Career Step” caters to aspiring young musicians aiming to attain a lucid perception of their prospective paths within the realm of classical music. The program assists in defining precise objectives and charting a course to accomplish them. Meanwhile, “FOCUS on Your Dream Project” takes participants on an expedition from the inception of their project concepts to their ultimate materialization. Both programs are conducted in small group settings, emphasizing individualization and a strong orientation towards actionable steps.


Who are the programs for?

The programs are open for classical music performers and composers of any age or nationality, who are burning with desire to share their music with the world and are ready to take action to realize their dream.

What is included in the programs?

  • 8 weeks of mentoring on your unique path
  • entering exercises
  • 4 x 2 hours of group coaching (every second week on Monday)
  • 2 x 1-hour individual coaching
  • dozens of exercises, coaching tools, and materials to help you achieve your goals
  • a supportive community, networking opportunity, and first-hand accountability partners and cheerleaders
  • continuous online support (group chat)
  • connection to people and institutions in our network
  • opportunity to present your work on our platforms
  • individualized support to realize your own project or career goal  

FOCUS on Your Next Career Move

This program will help you…

  • have a clear insight about your dreams, values, strengths and tools,
  • set your long-term and short-term goals,
  • collect information about yourself and the environment that is necessary to know for your career,
  • design the steps to achieve your goals,
  • get to know the right opportunities and peoples who will help you on your way,
  • find the right methods for you to remain organised, focused, and motivated on the road.

Program runs

29 January – 24 March

Group coaching dates

9:00-11:00 (PT), 12:00-14:00 (ET), 18:00-20:00 (CET)

6 February, 20 February, 5 March, 19 March

FOCUS on Your Dream Project

This program will help you…

  •  have a clear vision and mission of your project and several types of descriptions, from elevator pitches to multi-page analyses,
  • know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks of your project,
  • prepare a plan for the development and management of the project,
  • find the right partners, venue, audience, and funding for your project,
  • develop a marketing and PR strategy (if relevant),
  • take action to make your dream project a reality.

Program runs

22 January – 17 March

Group coaching dates

9:00-11:00 (PT), 12:00-14:00 (ET), 18:00-20:00 (CET)

30 January, 13 February, 27 February, 12 March

Who will you work with? 

Eszter Bodnár, trainer and coach 

Eszter Bodnár is the director of the Sonus Foundation, cultural and artistic manager, trainer and coach, and the creator of the FOCUS on You program. She mainly works on contemporary music projects in Europe and North America. Her mission is to give young musicians, who are burning with the desire to show their music to the world, skills and knowledge to help them find their path confidently in the classical music business. In this, she uses her experience as a university lecturer, mentor, and project manager. She will lead the program and your individual development process. 

Rebeka Ádány, project manager

Rebeka Ádány has worked as a project manager of the FOCUS on You program since 2022. She graduated as a musicologist at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, and has experience with project management, project planning, writing, and communication. She is also a lover of the Scandinavian culture. She ensures that your journey within the program is both efficient and seamless.

Not sure whether it is the right program for you?

Schedule a 15-minute Zoom call with us to discuss whether this program is a right fit for you.


Our mentoring programs are in progress but we will announce the next round (starting from May 2024) in early May so stay tuned. Fill in the form below and receive the information first hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the mentoring program?

The mentoring program is a combination of individual and group work, group coaching, individual coaching, and a lot of exercises. It is individualized to your own career/project so very effective and action-oriented.

How long is the mentoring program?

Our mentoring programs are eight week long. 

Who can register for the mentoring program?

Any musician (performer or composer) in the field of classical music can register. There is no age or nationality limitation. 

What is needed for the registration?

In the registration form, we will have a few questions about you to see whether this program is the right fit for you. Otherwise, bring your openness and curiosity.

Can I register without a project idea/career question?

If you are not sure, what is the next career move or project idea you would like to work on, please schedule a call with us so we can find out whether the program fits you.

Can I get a discount on the participation fee?

Thanks to our sponsors, we can offer a limited amount of grants for the program. If you would like to apply for them, along with your registration, send us an email to and describe your situation briefly.

Where can I register for the mentoring program?

On this page, in the Registration part.

How do I know that my registration is successful?

After your registration, you will receive an email from us with all the necessary details to participate in the program.

Is the registration transferable?

The registration is not transferable.

I have questions. Where can I contact you?

You are welcome to our introductory session or an individual call (see above) and feel free to contact us at

What do participants say about our program?

The FOCUS on You mentoring program has helped me to outline my artistic qualities. Working with my mentor was deeply inspiring and has encouraged me to create projects that offer something new and exciting to every participant.
The mentoring program will definitely inspire my future career.

Dániel Láposi,
Percussion player

The FOCUS on You mentoring program teaches skills that are essential to every musician. I also enjoyed having a personal relationship with my mentor who helped me a lot by sharing his knowledge, ideas, and experiences.
I highly recommend the program to all my fellow musicians.

István Kókai,
Bassoon player

The Focus on You mentoring program has taught me a lot; the workshops have provided me with practical and applicable skills while my mentor and I have been able to work in a more personalised way. The knowledge gained during the programme will greatly contribute to my future success.

I highly recommend it to all musicians and I will definitely keep an eye on the foundation’s future programmes.

Bálint Kovács,
Blockflöte player

The mentoring program has helped me improve my self-management skills: how to present my ideas, how to present myself as a musician, how to build my portfolio, how to formulate my ideas in writing, and how important it is to have professional social media accounts. It gave me an insight into how the classical music industry works and gave me clear guidelines on how to find my way in it.

I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to establish a career as a performing artist.

Ana Sostar,
Piano player


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