FOCUS on You

Talent development program for young musicians

What is FOCUS on You?

Focus on You is an inspiring program that provides assistance to young performers and composers, working in the field of classical music. We help them build their careers by learning in an interactive and personalized format the necessary skills and knowledge to find their path in the music business.

Talent and skills

Everything starts with talent and high-quality music education, but it should not end there. In the 21st century, success in the classical music scene requires creativity, good organizational skills, networking, a project-based approach, excellent communication, and resilience. These abilities are learnable and can be developed: our program offers assistance in acquiring these skills for young instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers who are burning to show their music to the world.


As part of the program, we offer lectures, panel discussions, and workshops to develop specific skills. During these sessions, participants receive personalized assistance in small groups with a unique methodology from experts and professional trainers in their respective fields. The program includes a mentorship program that provides opportunities and professional support for young musicians to realize their project ideas and career goals with the help of experts and a mentor. Within our online community and social events, young talents receive support for their future inquiries and have the opportunity to expand their professional network and gain inspiration.

Upcoming events

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Mentoring program

Our mentoring program provides young musicians with an opportunity to work on developing and realizing their own classical music projects or career goals with the guidance of mentors and experts.


In our private Facebook group, young classical music performers and composers receive support, ideas, and practical assistance, both from our experts and each other, to navigate the music industry.



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