Individual consultation

For a classical music performer and composer, outstanding talent alone is no longer enough. At FOCUS on You, we work to help you move as confidently as possible in the classical music business world. If you feel that you cannot find answers in our events or articles, or if you are simply looking for a more personalized solution, individual consultation is a good choice for you.

Why should you work with an external expert? The classical music business world is constantly changing, new grants, venues, trends, interfaces and opportunities are emerging, which must be constantly monitored. Not all musicians can do this – we’ll do it for you. We prepare, we ask questions, we look at the problem with fresh eyes, and we think together with you, whether it is about strategic directions or unique, acute issues.

Our goal is that the musicians who come to us receive quick and effective help with their questions, which they can confidently use later.

Consultation is independent of location, takes place online, and lasts 15-90 minutes depending on your questions and topic. We are looking for serious music composers and performers, regardless of age or geography. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to charge a low fee (50 euro/hour).

What questions can we help you with?

  • questions related to self-management
  • personal branding
  • designing and reviewing your website and social media pages
  • discussing project ideas
  • questions related to project planning and management
  • mapping of national and international grants, review of grant applications
  • concert and season program planning

How does it work?

1. Send your questions on the application form below.

2. We will select the expert for you and propose the duration and price of the consultation.

3. If you agree, you book an appointment.

4. See you on Zoom!

Who do you work with?

Individual consultation is carried out by FOCUS on You team members or experts working on the project, depending on your questions asked in advance.



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