Recently, podcasts have become increasingly popular worldwide. These thematic “online radio broadcasts” are not only suitable for entertainment and relaxation but are also used by more and more people for their personal or professional development. All this is possible even while travelling, playing sports or doing housework. Many fantastic classical music podcasts are already available. Still, in our compilation, we have selected a few podcast channels that can be a valuable source of inspiration for young musicians and performers working in classical music to navigate the music business confidently.

Eszter Bodnár

1. Music Works

Our Focus on You program aims to give young people the skills and abilities to develop their musical talent, with which they can make this talent known as widely as possible. The philosophy of the Music Works podcast is also very similar: In their broadcasts, they dissect current issues such as diverse program planning, impostor syndrome, the position of women in music, or handling rejection.

2. The Portfolio Composer

The Portfolio Composer podcast is created specifically for composers and is designed to help them think with a business perspective. According to the concept, composers – in addition to being anointed representatives of art – are small entrepreneurs who sell the results of their work. Therefore, they also need business and marketing knowledge; individual broadcasts delve into these topics.

3. The Entrepreneurial Musician

Being an entrepreneurial musician is not an obligation but an opportunity. According to the podcast’s motto, it prepares the musicians of the present for the reality of the future. Cross-genre broadcasts also deal with productivity, procrastination, growth mindset or better communication.

4. The Gramophone Classical Music Podcast

In addition to business advice and tips, it can also be useful to listen to broadcasts in which established musicians talk about their careers, their current projects, or their answers to the challenges of the present. Such interviews can inspire career planning, decisions or new ideas. Gramophone magazine’s podcast regularly features the biggest names in classical music.

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